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Presentations from session "Groundwater in Sedimentary basins"


On January 30, 2012, at the University of Latvia, Faculty of Geography and Earth Sciences, the 70th Scientific Conference of the University of Latvia, Session of Geology Section „Groundwater in Sedimentary Basins” took place.

The session was organised in the scope of the European Social Fund project „Establishment of interdisciplinary scientist group and modelling system for groundwater research”.

The abstract book from this session is available for fileadmin/user_upload/lu_portal/projekti/puma/LU70BAB/LU70_Sedimentary_basins_abstracts.pdf

Presentation material for each talk is available for download by clicking on the link for each presentation, below:

Invited speakers: 

Chemical composition of groundwater: 


  1. Jānis Teterovskis, Andis Kalvāns, Credibility criteria of the results of underground water analysis.
  2. Inga Retiķe, Andis Kalvāns, Aija Dēliņa, Alise Babre, Baiba Raga, Eleonora Pērkone, Trace elements in groundwater in Latvia: existing data and first new results.
  3. Agnese Gailuma, Ilva Vītola, Recession curve analysis approach for groundwater.
  4. Ilze Klints, Jānis Virbulis, Aija Dēliņa, Influence of water abstraction on groundwater flow in the BAB.
  5. Jānis Jātnieks, Konrāds Popovs, Jānis Ukass, Tomas Saks, Aija Dēliņa, Useful statistics for describing hydraulic conductivity of the Quaternary strata from the Latvian borehole log data.
  6. Juris Burlakovs, Armands Ruskulis, Environmental situation in the area around Inčukalns ponds and threats to groundwater.
  7. Juris Burlakovs, Dzintars Lācis, The development trends of Mūru-Žagares and Jonišķi-Akmenes groundwater horizon surface depression and sea water intrusion impact in Liepāja city.
  8. Jānis Bikše, Aija Dēliņa, Alise Babre, Additional data on the CFC concentration and corresponding ground water age in the fresh groundwater of Latvia.
  9. Jānis Ukass, Konrāds Popovs, Tomas Saks, Reconstructing the Caledonian structural complex deformation through thickness analysis.
  10. Konrāds Popovs, Jānis Ukass, Jānis Jātnieks, Tomas Saks, BAB V1 geometrical model: integrating heterogeneous and uneven density data into a 3D geological model.
  11. Oļegs Grigorjevs, Andis Kalvāns, The sensibility analysis of Cl- and SO42- titration in groundwater samples

Photos from this session are availble by clicking the image on the right, courtesy of Veiko Karu.