MOSYS Baltic artesian basin 3D geometry crossections
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Click on the profile lines or their endpoints to see the modelling system geometry crossections for geological structure and calculated piezometric head level according to the MOSYS stationary groundwater flow model.

Crossection A-A1 / Griezums A-A1 Crossection B-B1 / Griezums B-B1 Crossection C-C1 / Griezums C-C1 Crossection D-D1 / Griezums D-D1 Crossection E-E1 / Griezums E-E1 Crossection F-F1 / Griezums F-F1 Crossection G-G1 / Griezums G-G1 Crossection H-H1 / Griezums H-H1 Crossection I-I1 / Griezums I-I1 Crossection K-K1 / Griezums K-K1 Crossection L-L1 / Griezums L-L1 Crossection M-M1 / Griezums M-M1 Crossection N-N1 / Griezums N-N1 Crossection O-O1 / Griezums O-O1 Crossection P-P1 / Griezums P-P1


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Baltic artesian basin model (BAB) territory overview:

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