MOSYS mobile application

To enable interested parties to explore the regional hydrogeological model of Baltic Artesian Basin (BAB) in field we have created a mobile application for Android phones. You can use the mobile app in field to access the modelling system results from our backend server.  Queries for every coordinate point inside the BAB territory (see figure above), will return the modelling system strata surfaces at the given position together with the modelled piezometric head.   Download MOSYS moble directly (190KB for Android 2.x/4.x OS), or use the QR code on this page.     Usage  The application shows the model results for location given in text boxes N (latitude) and E (longitude). To use your actual location, press the „GPS/Network” button. Depending on your phone settings the location information from Network provider or GPS will be shown in text boxes. Ensure that at least one of services is on in Settings>Location services, in other case the last known location will be returned. To chose the location on map, press the button „MAP”. New window with the usual Google Map functionality will be opened. Set the location by clicking position on the screen and when the target is placed in desired position, press return (back) button. Selected coordinates will be transferred to the text boxes N and E. You can edit the coordinates in text boxes clicking on them if necessary. Click on button „Drill!” to show the modelling results for location given in text boxes N and E above the button. The coordinates are sent to server and information about the BAB model is returned to your phone. Ensure, that mobile or WiFi data connection is turned on, otherwise the data table will be empty. The first line shows coordinates in ESPG:25884 (BalticTM) coordinate system, which is used in BAB model. First column Layer shows the short names of layers as they are used in model, see project presentations for further explanations. The second column Level shows height of upper surface of corresponding layer in meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.) and third column the depth in meters. The fourth column shows the calculated piezometric head in m.a.s.l. Aquifers are shown in blue color.  Changes v1.2:
  • Improved displaying of position in the map
  • Improved gesture handling in map window
  • Aquifers shown in blue color
  • Hint to press the back button in map window
  • Hint to enter the coordinates before drill